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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I own my own home?

Yes, you do. You will purchase a home according to the regulations contained in the BC Manufactured Home Act and your purchase will be registered with the BC Manufactured Home Registry. Our homes are all built on-site and are built to meet or exceed BC Building Code standards.

So I own my own home, but not the land, is that correct?

Yes. It is quite similar to a condominium situation. Typically, in a condo the resident owns what is essentially an apartment; everything structurally inside its walls is theirs. As well, residents share common areas such as hallways, lobbies, elevators and recreational areas with the other owners, and a monthly condo fee is paid to the property owner.

At Nootka Ridge, you own your home. In both cases, it is like freehold ownership in the sense that you will own the entire home from the ground up, and you will rent the land on which your home sits. 

So am I responsible for the maintenance of my home?

Yes. As a homeowner, the responsibility for the maintenance of your home and landscaping of your lot, is yours. For our Rules & Regulations click here.

What is the price range of homes at Nootka Ridge?

The base prices of our homes vary depending on the type of home you purchase, and sometimes, the lot you select. At Nootka Ridge, prices begin around $499,000. Many additional features can be added to enhance your new home with minimal impact to your total investment.

How can I purchase a home at Nootka Ridge?

The existing homes can be purchased directly through our Nootka Ridge sales team. 
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